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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 8:23 am

The membership will respect the decisions of the Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, Commanders and Captains at all times. Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, Commanders and Captains orders must be obeyed to maintain order within the guild

The Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, Commanders and Captains will respect the opinions of the members at all times.

Bad mouthing ANY member or the guild itself in guild chat, world chat or on the boards is forbidden• If you have a complaint, take it to that player in first line and if you feel it is serious enough, take it to the leadership
• All Members are expected to treat their fellow guild Members with respect and dignity at all times.
• No harassing, belittling, stalking or any other behavior that disrupts the guild’s continuity will be allowed
• Petty arguments and disagreements will not be tolerated

Bad language is not encouraged although understood at certain times
• Avoided in guild chat as much as possible

Cooperation between everyone in the guild is expected!! THIS IS A HELPFULL GUILD, SO HELPING EACHOTHER IS EXPECTED!!

Spamming guild chat or other players with begging requests for items or help is not allowed at any time
-if you're a new player and need assistance ask kindly in guild chat and you'll be assisted by any free member capable of that
-Spamming guild chat or other players with random quotes till an intolerable extent is not allowed and doing so repetitively will lead to banishment from guild.

You are always allowed to defend yourself, in consideration of the fact, when the player attacks you first, but you did not provoke the player by words or hits.

The guild is not responsible for alts and friends who are not in Unknown or an allied guild. That means if you have an alt or a friend who is not in the guild or an allied guild and it gets attacked, you are not allowed to attack Unknown members or an allied guild back. This also includes relogging to the main Character in the guild and kill guild members or an allied guild member.

No Kos (=Kill on sight) members within the guild.

The guild is not a hotel. Once you left, no return. The return of an ex-guild member is the guild's decision.

Implication of breaking Unknown Rules.
Any guild member in violation of guild rules or being purposely aggressive towards any guild or alliance member in order to cause hurt will be issued with a warning.
Should any guild member reach a third warning they will be removed from the guild for violating the rules. We reserves the right for the Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, Commanders and Captains under certain circumstances to strip them of their rank rather than dismiss from the guild, this will be based on scenario and level of misconduct.

Gross misconduct will be judged by the Guild Master, Vice Guild Master and Commanders online on a case by case basis and this will occur an instant removal from the guild. An example of gross misconduct would be refusal to respond to the Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, Commanders and Captains instructions or direct and purposeful breaking of mulitple Unknown rules of conduct in order to cause maximum damage.

Probation Time
New members have a probation time of 2 weeks, within this time the Guild Master or Vice Guild Master can dismiss the probation member without warning at any time with legitimate reason.

All members are expected to participate in TW if at all possible to use Vent also, if not (for example 3 times in a row didnt joined TW without tellin us the reason) = You`ll be warned, if you choose to ignore the warning you`ll be kicked out of guild.

Guild Rules Unknown
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Guild Rules
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